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  1. 2015 OPP, Pinot Gris

    2015 OPP, Pinot Gris

    From bad-ass winemaker André Mack comes this OPP Pinot Gris - OPP being short for “Other People’s Pinot.” When a neighboring winery went out of business, André scooped up a few barrels of Pinot Noir that still needed bottling, referring to it as the "other people’s pinot" - and so a label was born. OPP has since come to include this Pinot Gris varietal. Freshly bloomed lilies, chalk dust and white gummy bears. Watered down canned pineapple, white chalky earth notes braided into crisp fresh flowing water. No residual sugar brightened with a bouncy blonde cheerleader-like acidity. Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are made from the same grape but Pinot Gris is a more serious, New World white, while Pinot Grigio is a more casual style that will likely be the House White at your local watering hole. Learn More

  2. 2015 Exem, Bordeaux Blanc

    2015 Exem, Bordeaux Blanc

    This wine is slightly reminiscent of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with its tropical notes and paradise feels, but the added Semillon gives it more texture and loads of herbaceous green, tree-trimming notes. Underripe green pear skin on the palate with layers of ocean breezy vibes that brighten things up. The body on this bottle is racey and light, with a lasting finish that makes your mouth come alive. Its acidity is breathtaking and pairs well with anything that has a nice crisp to it, like roasted potatoes or a flakey white fish. It’s the perfect partner to get wrapped up in on sunny days and chilly nights! Learn More

  3. 2014 Le Charmel, Muscadet

    2014 Le Charmel, Muscadet

    Muscadets are awesome! They’re made from the grape Melon de Bourgogne, which originated in Burgundy but has flourished in the gorgeous, star-dusted, Loire Valley of France. Heaps of hay and straw notes that come through with a citrus element that is perfect for any night of the week. Not overpowering in its overall body and palate so this wine stands up well on its own. On the nose, freeze-dried yellow peaches and lavender sit on a pile of powdered seashells, while on the palate this wine is round in a juicy, chewy way. Lemon and lime come out with the sandy yet dusty minerality. Medium acidity brightens up the back of your palate making your mouth pucker. Learn More

  4. 2014  Evolúció Blaufränkisch

    2014 Evolúció Blaufränkisch

    Blaufränkisch, also known as Pinot Noirs’ funky-ass little sister who wears feathers in her hair, has all the dopest dance moves, and doesn’t let the little things get her down. This grape is a native to the cooler climate in Austria which shows through in its glistening acidity. Drinks like freeze dried raspberries were tossed into a glass of ice-cold freshly squeezed lemonade. Poppy and electric in your mouth, it brightens up every inch of your palate. It makes you feel like you're on an extended vacation, in a beautiful place where it is eternally early fall. With its beautiful acidity and light body, this wine is an ideal pair for pouring a brimming glass and inviting friends over to lounge on the floor of your living room to watch a romantic comedy. Learn More

  5. 2015 Prodigo Nero d' Avola

    2015 Prodigo Nero d' Avola

    This is the kind of wine that evokes memories of spring days when you were young and would go flower hunting. It has deep layers of earth and dark, almost black cherries. A lot of this intense flavor comes from the way the grapes are harvested - much later in the season so that they have time to really ripen, which increases the sugar and alcohol content. They then go through a drying process called “appassimento,” giving them an even more intense flavor. This wine may taste slightly unfamiliar because Nero d’ Avola is not a grape you come across every day. Sicily is known for its plethora of dope indigenous grape varieties, and Nero d’ Avola is arguably one of the most acclaimed! This wine drinks like volcano juice, with savory tobacco and molten rock on the back of the palate. Learn More

  6. 2013 La Pinot

    2013 La Pinot

    This is it. The first ever Wine Awesomeness collaboration wine. And we’re so excited for you to try it. It’s a savory red wine that’s approachable, friendly and curious - just like us! Ruby colored in the glass, with aromas of funky mushrooms laced with overly ripe raspberry notes. This Pinot Noir has a decidedly New World style - at 13% ABV it isn’t as light as its Old World cousins. The booming earthiness that comes from the wood lends itself to aromas of sticky caramel candies, vanilla extract and stewed fatty dark red fruits. Being from the Golden State of California, the grapes are grown in a hotter climate, which is what gives it the plush red fruit vibes. Learn More

  7. 2015 Celler el Masroig Vi Novell

    2015 Celler el Masroig Vi Novell

    This Spanish red is an homage to Saint Martin, a Roman soldier who eventually became a monk and founded the first monastery in western Europe. As the saying goes, "Per Sant Marti Mata el Porc I enceta el Vi," which means, "On Saint Martin's Day, a pig is slaughtered and it is the start of a new wine." This bottle is therefore released on Saint Martin's Day (the 11th of November) every year and the label is a testament to the aforementioned swine. This wine has vibrant and powerful ripe fruit that goes well with any pork dish (duh). The rich and full body is balanced by salty and savory notes of smoke, salted meats and game. Learn More

  8. 2015 Point Ormond, Sangiovese

    2015 Point Ormond, Sangiovese

    Nothing says Italian like Sangiovese. It is the main star in the Chianti blend. It is one of four noble grapes that hail from Tuscany. But STOP the presses. This bottle isn't riding any vespas and yelling "Ciao, Bella!" This version of pure yumminess comes from Australia, and the Aussie's are putting their own mark on this Italian grape. High acid, a lot of fruit, tannin, a little bit of body, and low alcohol coming together for one awesome soiree. Say peace out to the Yellow Tail days. In the Port Ormond, the acid makes your mouth water; the bold, jammy, black cherry fruit makes you want to endlessly fill your glass, and the tannin gives structure and complexity so you can find the hidden notes of herbs, spice and tobacco. Here's to the pursuit of balance! Learn More

  9. 2014 Tora Bay, Sauvignon Blanc

    2014 Tora Bay, Sauvignon Blanc

    In the dark ages of wine (like, 25 years ago) it was thought that places like New Zealand would never produce any real quality vino. But today some of the world's best Sauvignon Blanc is being made by Kiwis - and this bottle from Tora Bay is a perfect example. With a strong aroma of ripe, tropical fruit, this juice is not messing around. It's intense yet balanced, with a lingering finish that will stay with your tastebuds. It's fruit salad in a glass - but not your average melon variety. We're talking passion fruit, peach and a splash of zesty lime to top it all off. Learn More

  10. 2015 Gran Passione, Falanghina

    2015 Gran Passione, Falanghina

    While you've likely never heard of it, the Falanghina grape is believed to be have been in one of the most famous wines of ancient Rome, called Falernian. Planted on the slopes overlooking the Mediterranean, these grapes were grown in the salty and cool ocean breeze. This Campania region is located in the "shin" of Italy, just inland from Naples. In this bottle you will find a wine that is surprisingly complex. The aroma of white flowers rising from your glass will make you think you're in for an explosion of perfume, but this gives way to a medium bodied and creamy juice that has a balancing minerality. It's the absolute perfect companion to softer cheeses, like Camembert or Brie. Learn More

  11. 2016 Caves Velhas, Adega da Vila, Alentejo

    2016 Caves Velhas, Adega da Vila, Alentejo

    Alentejo is one of the most well-respected wine regions of Portugal. Situated closer to the eastern border with Spain, rather than near the Atlantic coastline, this hot and dry region is best known for its red wines. Although in recent years many more traditional French and Italian varietals have been planted here (think: Syrah and Cab Sauv), this bottle is full-on Portuguese and a prime example of the region. Tastes like watching the 2010 MTV Music awards, imagining how Lady Gaga smelled in her meat dress. This wine is big boned, savory, juicy and warm. Packed with savvy subtleties of punchy acidity and deep warm intensity. She has it all, from busty fruit to earth laced bell pepper notes and every bit of salty sea air brine in between. Learn More

  12. 2014 Caves Velhas, Encostas do Douro, Red Blend

    2014 Caves Velhas, Encostas do Douro, Red Blend

    The Douro region isn’t just for port (although there’s plenty of that too) and there is evidence here that Portuguese winemaking actually dates back to 4000 B.C. That makes the Douro Valley one of the oldest winemaking regions in the world. Now, Malbec lovers please gather around. This Portuguese blend is an anytime of year wine, with its bold body, upbeat spirit and a strong grip that will have you swooning. This is a wine of no intimidation but so much inspiration. Energized raspberries, crunchy minerals, the smell that comes off the lake as you watch a sunrise on the dock, freshly bloomed lush cherry blossoms and inky lavender notes. This wine will keep you warm when the snow is falling and will be a holding your hand as it melts. Learn More

  13. 2014 Caves Velhas, Cardeal Colheita Seleccionada, Dão DOC

    2014 Caves Velhas, Cardeal Colheita Seleccionada, Dão DOC

    The Dão region is one of Portugal’s most serious and is located in the central mountains - no salty sea breeze here! One of the region’s most important contributions, however, is that it is the origin of the Touriga Nacional vine that is the main ingredient in Port. This extravagant juice flaunts its sexy curves, with a mouthfeel that is akin to licking a beanie baby. Perfect for lovers of lush full-bodied California Cabernets but at a third of the price. It’s chill, laid back vibes and wholly relaxing aura exudes luxury and richness, like a plum colored Adidas tracksuit in a glass. This bottle can accompany your leisure enthusiast soul in its most drunken relaxation-seeking endeavors. Learn More

  14. 2010 Record Family Wines, Merlot

    2010 Record Family Wines, Merlot

    Record Family Wines really is a family affair, owned and operated by Randy and Anne Record along with their two daughters - who are the fifth generation of California farmers! It’s therefore no surprise that this central California vineyard produces some truly awesome grapes, which becomes truly awesome wine! While at first this wine will hit you over the head with its meatiness, with time it grows and opens up to more delicate aromas, like floral, wet earth and flint. It smells like your fingers after you plucked rosebuds and used them to write on the cement as a kid. Plus, red apple skins, waxy melted crayons and the rind of a blood orange that has been laying in the sun on a terracotta tiled floor. Learn More

  15. 2016 Secret Identity, Rosé

    2016 Secret Identity, Rosé

    This dry rosé get its name from its unwillingness to be trapped by convention - it's a wine that operates undercover, not sticking to one regional or varietal identity, but instead choosing to become a blend that achieves peak balance in its flavors. The result is crisp, clean and low in ABV, making it perfect for day drinking at a barbecue or pool party. Fruit notes akin to when your mom sent you to school with a gallon zip-lock bag full of fresh mixed farmers market berries, but after running around on the playground you open your backpack to find a mixed berry massacre. This wine was made from ringing in the warmer weather and preparing for parties on the beach in your summer whites. Learn More

  16. 2014 Aríos, Aguafuerte, Albariño

    2014 Aríos, Aguafuerte, Albariño

    This wine hails from Galicia - the "land of 1000 rivers." The vineyard where these grapes were grown sits on a slope between two estuaries and just upstream from the Umia river - which is what gives the soil it's gravely, silty texture that translates into the wine. These vines are young - they're not even 21 yet! - but the region's winemaking history dates back centuries. This Albariño tastes like walking down the yellow brick road, skipping along singing songs about nothing and loving every second of it. The juice is so damn cheery, slightly off-dry but so luminous and shiny on the palate. This wine makes your mouth feel like you've just consumed a jar of fireflies. Crunchy citrus, gold tropical fruit and sunshine in a glass! Learn More

  17. 2015 Love Over Money, Green Eyes, Grüner Veltliner

    2015 Love Over Money, Green Eyes, Grüner Veltliner

    Grüner Veltliner is a native varietal to the hills of Austria - and this bottle is a prime example of it. Crisp and clean but with a biting acidity, these Green Eyes are not messing around. While at first you may notice notes of pear-lemonade rising from the glass, beneath these are dried dill and supple-sweet apricots left out in the sun. This wine basically just transports you straight into a country song: wearing cut off blue jeans and running barefoot through open lush fields. It makes you want to lay down in the middle of your kitchen, close your eyes and drift into the beginning of a Georgia summer. Learn More

  18. 2014 Love Over Money, Zazou, Minervois

    2014 Love Over Money, Zazou, Minervois

    Situated on the Mediterranean coast of southern France, the Languedoc-Roussillon region is known for its blends - like this Minervois! - rather than single-varietal wines. The Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre in this wine were each fermented separately and then blended before being bottled. It's a classically funky Minervois and it's a straight killer, with a groovy barnyard vibe that makes you want to go take a long walk and breath the clean air of the countryside. Tastes like a macerated bing cherry juice box you'd sip on while walking around row after row of horse stables at the Kentucky Derby. Sheep wool with wet crunchy leaves and dirt, clad with nuances of leather bound books and the inside of an old Cuban cigar box. Learn More

  19. 2011 Chateau Bianca, Willamette Valley, Pinot Noir

    2011 Chateau Bianca, Willamette Valley, Pinot Noir

    The Chateau Bianca Winery & Vineyard is lead by a fourth-generation winemaking family. The chateau keeps their production intentionally small so that they can continue to focus on quality over quantity, year after year. This Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is a prime example of both the family's history of winemaking as well as the complexity of an Oregon juice. This is a that wine transports you to a place where you can turn your radio all the way up, roll your windows down and put the petal to the floor. Open road, the smell of fresh air and a bright future while making waves with your hand in the wind. Fresh grass clipping and dusty sun baked raspberry notes. The color of this wine is immaculate, luminous ruby with a hint of rust due to its age. Learn More

  20. 2013 Smashberry, Red Wine

    2013 Smashberry, Red Wine

    This wine hails from the Santa Maria Valley, just north of Santa Barbara and slightly inland of California's central coast - but close enough to the ocean for the salty morning fog to roll in over the vineyards. The main ingredient in this red blend is Merlot, a varietal that has gotten a bad rap in recent years thanks to being trashed in the movie Sideways, but this bottle gives the grape a new chance to shine! Smashberry has the ability to warm your soul and and make you feel like you are wearing a XXL fleece sweatshirt before it has been washed. Stewed Smacker’s blueberry jam and cacao nibs notes give it a lavish mouthfeel, as if you were eating a Big Mac made of silk. This is a perfect wine for springtime showers, settling in front of the fire with a hearty meal. Learn More

  21. 2017 Lekker Rosé, South Africa

    2017 Lekker Rosé, South Africa

    Lekker Rosé was handcrafted by winemaker Nico Grobler, of Eikendal Vineyards & La Brune Wines, in collaboration with Wine Awesomeness. The wine was made from grapes grown in the estate vineyards on the gorgeous ocean-influenced Eikendal Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa. As the freshest wine on the market, Lekker Rosé is your first glimpse into the magic of this year's winemaking in the Southern Hemisphere - it's the first 2017 vintage rosé available in the United States! The grapes were picked in the cool early mornings of mid-January, then lightly pressed, before allowing the free run juice to settle for 48 hours to achieve clarity. The juice was fermented dry at a cool 54°F - 59°F before being bottled quickly to ensure freshness. This wine has an electric pink glow that looks like it is trying to escape the bottle. Once in your glass, you will find a nose of fresh Herbes de Provence, watermelon and orange zest. The palate has lovely acidity, and flavors of raspberry, cranberry and watermelon all unified by a slate like minerality. "Lekker" has several meanings. It is a common term for anything that is delicious or particularly luscious. In South Africa, it is most often used where Americans would say “cool,” “great” or “awesome!” Either way, this fruity, dry rosé lives up to its name! Learn More

  22. 2015 Caves Velhas, Encostas do Douro, White Blend

    2015 Caves Velhas, Encostas do Douro, White Blend

    A white blend made from three distinct and indigenous varietals that call Portugal home. This is a certified wine (hence the DOC, or denomination of origin). Portugal is very proud of it’s regional specificities and as such has 31 different regulated winemaking regions - that’s a lot for a country that is a quarter of the size of California. Combining forces these three hard-to-pronounce grapes make for a very easy drinking, crowd pleasing table wine. This means it’s perfect for entertaining but also for popping open solo after a long day at the office when you just need some time alone with your vino. It will remind you of eating sour candies in the back of the car on a long road trip, and washing them down with salt and pepper french fries. Learn More

  23. 2015 Quinta S. João Batista, Serradayres Reserva, Tejo

    2015 Quinta S. João Batista, Serradayres Reserva, Tejo

    Golden, straw and silky in color, we would classify this more as a comfort white for a chilly night. It’s the Portuguese wine equivalent to your favorite comfort food (mashed potatoes or mac and cheese, anyone?). Surprisingly, this white actually drinks a lot more like a red - this baby is something you can wrap your body up in and snuggle down with. And that is saying a whole hell of a lot for a white wine. Toasty and lemon-lime zesty with notes of raw almonds and brine, complex and layered yet simple and consoling. And at 13% ABV you can feel the heat of this juice ignite the tip of your tongue and sides of your mouth, finishing with a beautiful length and a touch of acidity that tickles the back of your palate. Learn More

  24. 2016 Faisão, Vinho Rosé, Vinho Verde DOC

    2016 Faisão, Vinho Rosé, Vinho Verde DOC

    Rosé is not just a wine, it is a lifestyle: Carefree summertime living, warm smelling winds blowing through your hair, denim shorts and oversized glasses. This wine encompasses all of that beauty. It is carefree it makes you want to dance, and you never want it to end. Vinho Verde is a wine region that is particularly known for Portugal’s famous green wine - vinho meaning wine, verde meaning green. This rosé, however, is another beautiful example of the tart and lively wines from the area. It explodes into more than just a beautiful pink juice, with a charismatic and spunky body that makes the back of your mouth pucker. With total balance, there’s equal parts crumbling minerality and tropical fruit. Learn More

  25. 2013 Priest Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

    2013 Priest Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

    Napa Valley is truly the most famous American wine region. In 1976, a blind wine tasting competition pitting American vino vs. France's best wine was in France. Two American wines hailing from Napa took top prize in what is now known as the Judgement of Paris! To learn more check out Wikipedia or watch Bottleshock on Netflix. We prefer Netfix and wine(chill)! Especially if this Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc from Priest Ranch is part of the viewing party. Estate bottled and grown AKA the grapes come and are made into wine in one place this bottle bursts aromas of tropical fruit like kiwi, passion fruit, guava combined with flowers that we think should smell how Hawaiian Leis look! Learn More

  26. 2014 Jeannette Eger, Feinherb Riesling

    2014 Jeannette Eger, Feinherb Riesling

    Jeannette Eger's family owns a very large grape-growing and winemaking operation in southwest Germany. Jeannette worked in her family's winery until she started to dislike working in a large commercial project and wanted to be more hands on. In 2008 she obtained five acres of prime vineyard from her family and gradually changed growing practices so that today she is finally doing everything by hand. Feinherb has a rare quality when it comes to German wine as it is categorized as "general," meaning that it has a little more sugar than "halbtrocken" (half-dry). This wine actually has sugar in it - but don't let that scare you. It's a shot of lime-aid and river rocks and the sugar is balanced with sharp acidity making it refreshing and pleasant rather than cloying and sticky. Learn More

  27. 2015 Fiction Chardonnay

    2015 Fiction Chardonnay

    Holiday weekend brunch at the Biltmore. Ripe cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, fresh squeezed citrus and white flowers everywhere. Crisp hundred dollar bills and fired up for day drinking. Learn More

  28. 2014 Heinz Eifel Dry Riesling, Mosaik

    2014 Heinz Eifel Dry Riesling, Mosaik

    German Riesling is some of the finest wine in the world. It is sought after. Revered. Some would even say Holy. But Riesling’s reputation with the general public is often one-dimensional at best, with many falling back on the statement that they don't like "sweet wine." But Riesling has a secret, an itty-bitty truth known only by connoisseurs & sommeliers. German Riesling…(wait for it)…can be dry! (Cue Beethoven's “Ode to Joy”) From the picturesque Mosel Valley comes Heinz Eifel's dry Riesling. Its almost Australian in its dryness with a smack of zesty lime, white peach and creamy apricot. You could never brand this wine as simple with its honey-ginger, hint-of-white-flower nuance and striking slate minerality. She’s an edgy chick. Learn More

  29. 2013 House of Independent Producers Sauvignon Blanc

    2013 House of Independent Producers Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon Blanc isn't only great when it comes from New Zealand! The typical NZ SB can hit you over the head with huge notes of grass and bell pepper, but it doesn't have to be this way. This version hails from the Columbia Valley of Washington. This easy drinking edition of Sauv Blanc has a wealth of tropical notes and makes for a perfect and refreshing summer vino. In 1989, the founders of Hedges Estate planted around 50 acres of Bordeaux varietals on Red Mountain in Washington. Learn More

  30. 2014 Carrier, "Beach Comber" Albarino

    2014 Carrier, "Beach Comber" Albarino

    UC Davis alum Eben Drucker founded Carrier wines in 2013. The name is a tribute to PDSA Dickin Medal recipient Carrier Pigeons. It is awarded to animals that have displayed "conspicuous gallantry or devotion to duty while serving or associated with any branch of the Armed Forces or Civil Defence Units". The Albarino carries the moniker "Beach Comber" for good reason. Sourced form a limestone vineyard deep in a hidden crevice of cold, windswept Monterey County in the Central Coast of California, the wine is full of bright fresh acidity and citrus to keep you cool while walking down the beach this summer. Learn More

  31. 2016 Balance Sauvignon Blanc

    2016 Balance Sauvignon Blanc

    South African's have been making wine since the 1600s. Harken back to your Social Studies classes in High School and we're sure you will remember the Europeans had a thirst for conquest. Magellan was the first to sail around the horn of Africa in the early 1500s, which opened the flood gates for other Europeans to head to the Continent and guess what?!?! They brought wine with them! In this bottle, we have an old world grape, Sauvignon Blanc, making its own New World path. Wines hailing from the Old World sometimes are bit more subtle in flavor, but this version, in true New World style showed up ready for the party. You should notice the juice is so fresh that it has a slight hue of pale green and the taste is decidedly refreshing and tart with aromas ripe pear and pineapple. Don't judge yourself when you and your pals end up popping the second bottle. Learn More

  32. 2013 Hope Estate "Wollombi Brook," Semillon

    2013 Hope Estate "Wollombi Brook," Semillon

    This bottle hails from Australia's Hunter Valley, a region known for producing some really solid Semillons - and this one is no exception. Until recently, this juice was only sold Down Under, but it has finally made its way stateside and we couldn't be happier. Australian Semillon is definitely trending right now - and this bottle will show you why! The palate is truly unique, it is slick and mouth-coating without being cloying. The nose of honeyed stone fruit (think: peaches and apricots) is matched with a limestone freshness. The aromatics of jasmine, buttercup and daffodils are absolutely intoxicating. Dry but with a whole lot of character! Learn More

  33. 2014 Willow Way, "No. 2," Chardonnay Pinot Grigio

    2014 Willow Way, "No. 2," Chardonnay Pinot Grigio

    In many ways, South Africa is the new kid on the block when it comes to New World wines, even though the country has been making wine for centuries. The years of apartheid led to sanctions that prevented many countries from importing South African wine. It wasn't until 1990 that the country began to emerge as a real player in the wine world. The winemakers at Willow Way have taken two Old World varietals and created a very New World-esque white wine blend. The match makes for a light and refreshing wine with just the right amount of body to hold up against chilly, fall nights. It's a garden party in a glass and the flowers have invited their fruity friends, peaches and pear. The juice was fermented in stainless steel tanks that gives this wine a clean, tart, lemon-lime finish. Learn More