Holiday Survival Pack

The holidays can be both the best and worst time of the year. But what makes both the best and the worst times even better? Wine! Enter the WA Holiday Survival Pack. These wines pair well with gift wrapping, gingerbread man decorating and not talking politics - just what the season calls for.


2012 Gran Passione, Salice Salentino Riserva

This classic Italian red tastes like a sophisticated berry tart and goes perfectly with your holiday roast.

2015 Secret Identity Dry Rosé

Despite what you may have heard, rosé is not just for summer sipping. This California blend is one of the most versatile wines on the list and can be enjoyed at a moment's notice - be that before, during or after your in-laws stop by.

ONEHOPE Sparkling Wine

The end of the year is the ultimate time to celebrate. Pop open this bottle of California sparkling for a burst of fresh green apples and ripe nectarines that is dangerously chuggable.

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