2013 La Pinot

Born in 2013, this bodacious bottle comes from the Santa Lucia Highlands of California. It's a Pinot Noir with a story to tell - and it wants you to be the one to hear it. The short version is that we at Wine Awesomeness have teamed up with the acclaimed family winery Carrier Wines to bring you our first ever collaboration brand. For the long version of the story, click here. But make sure you snag a bottle before we drink them all ourselves.

Santa Lucia Highlands, California

Harvesting mushrooms in your overgrown garden

Arroz con Coco (Coconut Rice) - Chef Isabel Córdoba Castro

West Coast - Lana Del Ray

Baking spices with nuances of vanilla; sun-drenched dark plums intertwined with eucalyptus.

Hints of blackberry bushes and wet mushrooms that keep the palate alive.

This wine's dominant spice and earth notes are the perfect partner to hearty chicken and rice.

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