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  1. 2013 Marchione Nero D'Avola

    2013 Marchione Nero D'Avola

    This is an essential wine for any pie. All of that bright acidity will really cut through the fattiness you’re sure to find in almost any pizza. There are briney and saline suggestions in the wine that just scream for salty mediterranean foods. The tart black fruit flavors you'll find contrast those savory elements nicely. Plus, this is a wine that does well with some chilling down. Make sure it is a little bit cool so you truly feel like you’re sipping something on the Mediterranean coast. It is a lean and mean little Sicilian creation that might just be pizza’s new best friend. Learn More

  2. 2013 Stella Bella Cabernet Merlot

    2013 Stella Bella Cabernet Merlot

    Cabernet Sauvignon is the dominant grape of this wine region, perched on the southernmost edge of Western Australia. This area is as New World as it gets, with the first vines not having been planted here until the 1960s. Previously, most wine in this part of the continent had been grown in Swan Valley just north of Margaret River, but vineyard pests and diseases drove Australian winemakers to look for new growing regions. The crimson Stella Bella has silky tannins so it feels smooth on the mouth, while also being so fragrant that the scent of flowers floats from the top of the glass. Favorable weather in this young wine region allowed the grapes to relax a little bit, creating an easy-drinking, laid back vintage. Learn More

  3. 2015 Survivor, "Offspring," Cape Red Blend

    2015 Survivor, "Offspring," Cape Red Blend

    This wine was named after a Nguni cow, the traditional livestock of the Zulu people in South Africa, who jumped off a truck and into their vineyards. She not only survived the daring jump but also had many offspring. This wine speaks to her success and children. As in, it will make you feel like you are jumping around Cabernet vineyards with beautiful South Africa as a backdrop. You can easily drink this wine every day, with its perfect balance of earth and fruit. Plus, it was produced using sustainable harvesting methods - meaning you can enjoy it knowing that all of the little cow babies can still roam free from pesticides or chemicals in their environment! Learn More

  4. 2015 Mont Gravet Carignan

    2015 Mont Gravet Carignan

    The wine hails from the hills of the Hérault region of France's Languedoc - one of the largest wine producing areas in the country. We wished we summered in the South of France, but this bottle will have to keep us warm for now. Nestled up against the Mediterranean Sea, the pleasant climate is the perfect place to make a soulful, jammy and crowd pleasing juice. This wine is made with under-recognized Carignan grapes, and will make you look like a wine bada** when you break it out of the wine cellar (or, from under your kitchen counter). When pouring your first glass it is almost impossible to miss the wave of dark red fruit. As you sip, you'll find a smooth, elegant and luxurious wine that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Learn More

  5. 2013 Priest Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

    2013 Priest Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

    Napa Valley is truly the most famous American wine region. In 1976, a blind wine tasting competition pitting American vino vs. France's best wine was in France. Two American wines hailing from Napa took top prize in what is now known as the Judgement of Paris! To learn more check out Wikipedia or watch Bottleshock on Netflix. We prefer Netfix and wine(chill)! Especially if this Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc from Priest Ranch is part of the viewing party. Estate bottled and grown AKA the grapes come and are made into wine in one place this bottle bursts aromas of tropical fruit like kiwi, passion fruit, guava combined with flowers that we think should smell how Hawaiian Leis look! Learn More

  6. 2014 Tora Bay, Sauvignon Blanc

    2014 Tora Bay, Sauvignon Blanc

    In the dark ages of wine (like, 25 years ago) it was thought that places like New Zealand would never produce any real quality vino. But today some of the world's best Sauvignon Blanc is being made by Kiwis - and this bottle from Tora Bay is a perfect example. With a strong aroma of ripe, tropical fruit, this juice is not messing around. It's intense yet balanced, with a lingering finish that will stay with your tastebuds. It's fruit salad in a glass - but not your average melon variety. We're talking passion fruit, peach and a splash of zesty lime to top it all off. Learn More

  7. 2015 Point Ormond, Sangiovese

    2015 Point Ormond, Sangiovese

    Nothing says Italian like Sangiovese. It is the main star in the Chianti blend. It is one of four noble grapes that hail from Tuscany. But STOP the presses. This bottle isn't riding any vespas and yelling "Ciao, Bella!" This version of pure yumminess comes from Australia, and the Aussie's are putting their own mark on this Italian grape. High acid, a lot of fruit, tannin, a little bit of body, and low alcohol coming together for one awesome soiree. Say peace out to the Yellow Tail days. In the Port Ormond, the acid makes your mouth water; the bold, jammy, black cherry fruit makes you want to endlessly fill your glass, and the tannin gives structure and complexity so you can find the hidden notes of herbs, spice and tobacco. Here's to the pursuit of balance! Learn More

  8. 2015 Celler el Masroig Vi Novell

    2015 Celler el Masroig Vi Novell

    This Spanish red is an homage to Saint Martin, a Roman soldier who eventually became a monk and founded the first monastery in western Europe. As the saying goes, "Per Sant Marti Mata el Porc I enceta el Vi," which means, "On Saint Martin's Day, a pig is slaughtered and it is the start of a new wine." This bottle is therefore released on Saint Martin's Day (the 11th of November) every year and the label is a testament to the aforementioned swine. This wine has vibrant and powerful ripe fruit that goes well with any pork dish (duh). The rich and full body is balanced by salty and savory notes of smoke, salted meats and game. Learn More

  9. 2014 Zuccardi, "Serie A," Cabernet Sauvignon

    2014 Zuccardi, "Serie A," Cabernet Sauvignon

    The youngest of a multigenerational winemaking family that originated in Sicily, Sebastian Zuccardi is making his mark in South America. In 2015, we dubbed Sebastian the young gun shaking up Argentinian wine for "More Than Malbec," and he hasn't let us down. The Zuccardi family has changed the game for wine coming from Argentina, and their New World traditions shines through with a commitment to innovation. At WA we do love a good Malbec, but it's easy to get stuck in love with the one type of juice. Zuccardi's 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon is a much-needed new drinking buddy in your friend group. Once poured, bold jammy flavors come through with each sip. This is a wine that exudes body and will sweep you off your feet in a wave of dark fruit. Learn More

  10. 2013 Rickshaw Cabernet Sauvignon

    2013 Rickshaw Cabernet Sauvignon


    Three words: ripe, powerful, delicious. California Cabernet has been known to break the swag-o-meter, but there’s no fear of “too much” here. With its plush dark fruits, this juice exudes cool, old-skool and a hillside worth of California spice. Add to it all a graphite edge with a drop of cedar, and you’ve got a wine you won’t soon forget. We just can't get enough. Seriously... we want more already.

    Learn More

  11. 2015 Fiction Chardonnay

    2015 Fiction Chardonnay

    Holiday weekend brunch at the Biltmore. Ripe cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, fresh squeezed citrus and white flowers everywhere. Crisp hundred dollar bills and fired up for day drinking. Learn More

  12. 2015 Martincic, Cvicek

    2015 Martincic, Cvicek

    Winemaking began in Slovenia some 2,400 years ago. However Phylloxera (a vine pest that devastated European vineyards) invaded Slovenia in 1880 and spread quickly. Combine that with two World Wars and Slovenia is only back to about half the planted vineyards from before the 1880s. Cviček, now a traditional wine, was developed out of necessity using the grapes that survived the Phylloxera invasion. Made from both red and white grapes it's known for its light color and having searingly high acid. Martinčič uses a long list of grapes to make this blend. Fermented in stainless steel and put through malolactic fermentation to take the edge off the high acid, this wine is a great everyday red for summer. Packed full of raspberry, currant and citrus, this wine can be served ice-cold for those sweltering August nights. Learn More

  13. 2012 Gran Passione, Salice Salentino Riserva

    2012 Gran Passione, Salice Salentino Riserva

    This complex, five year old wine encapsulates everything we love about a classic Southern Italian big red wine. Hailing from Puglia (pool-ya), an area famous for it’s warm dry climate located in the heel of the boot of Italy, this wine spends a minimum of nine months in oak and even more time in a steel tank before bottling. This lengthy process results in more complex notes of dried flowers and baked fruits, rather than the fresh fruit of a younger wine. With subtle hints of roasted blueberries and blackberries, we recommend pairing this earthy red with flavorful meats like Guanciale, dry rubbed smoked ribs or pasta with tomato sauce. Whip up a Spaghetti alla Gricia dish to serve with this wine and round-out your Italian feast. Learn More

  14. 2013 House of Independent Producers Sauvignon Blanc

    2013 House of Independent Producers Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon Blanc isn't only great when it comes from New Zealand! The typical NZ SB can hit you over the head with huge notes of grass and bell pepper, but it doesn't have to be this way. This version hails from the Columbia Valley of Washington. This easy drinking edition of Sauv Blanc has a wealth of tropical notes and makes for a perfect and refreshing summer vino. In 1989, the founders of Hedges Estate planted around 50 acres of Bordeaux varietals on Red Mountain in Washington. Learn More

  15. 2014 Domaine de la Damase Cotes du Rhone

    2014 Domaine de la Damase Cotes du Rhone

    The Latour family has been making wine at Domaine de la Damase since 1872 when the estate was purchased. Sébastien Latour works the vineyards and makes wine with parents Bernadette and Serge. He is the 5th generation of the Latour family to make wine there. Sébastien Latour's mother Bernadette Latour is the official owner (gérant) and therefore you see her name at the labels. She lives in the house beside the domain. Sèbastien lives in the mansion of the estate but he's often occupied in the vineyards. Learn More

  16. NV ONEHOPE Sparkling Wine

    NV ONEHOPE Sparkling Wine

    Over the last few years, sparkling wine has become quite the trend in California, having earned its seat at the bar. While we at WA know that sparkling wine isn't just for celebrating special occasions, ONEHOPE's California Brut Sparkling Wine has us raising our glass to toast another cause. With each case of this bubbly sold, ONEHOPE will donate 25 meals to a child in need. All the more reason to order an entire case of bubbly! On the nose, this lightly colored sparkling is bursting with fresh green apples and ripe nectarines, with just a whisper of freshly baked bread passing through... Kind of like grandma is tipsy and baking in the kitchen! Your first sip holds succulent peaches, sweet berries and pear with a finish that's creamy, rich and refreshingly bubbly. Learn More

  17.  Iconic SK Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

    Iconic SK Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

    Some dishes and wines were just made for each other. Such is the delicious destiny of California Cabernet and the illustrious hamburger. This is a drool-worthy duo that could power a post-meal strongman competition, or just a nap on the sofa. It's protein shake for the people, one that transcends trends. Cabernet's gentle tannins melt through that beef like a Ginzu cuts a tomato. The salty meat juice plays nicely with the plum, berries, and earthly Cab flavors, forcing eyes shut to process the near mouth-gasmic explosion of flavor. It just doesn't get any better. Fresh Cali Cab with a killer burger. Bring it on. Learn More